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HDPN identifies, interprets and translates the literature in a clear and concise manner, this is a process which I previously found challenging to complete independently under the demands of a full-time caseload.
Furthermore, being a member of HDPN has given me access to a network of experienced practitioners that have been available to offer objective and unbiased support; this I have found invaluable in managing complex patient cases.

Since joining HDPN, my biases have been challenged and my confidence as a practitioner has grown, this has stimulated new clinical interests and helped improve my job satisfaction.

I’d recommend HDPN to any practitioner searching for answers!


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Members are issued with vouchers, quarterly in arrears, to select the bite size videos of their choice.


"HDPN gave me problem solving skills when the clinical picture remained unclear or when there were multiple issues. For example using VAS and Ease of movement and building a plan from a series of tests - weight bearing, non weigh bearing, isometric, mobility, stretch, perturbations etc. Finding what works best and in what order. Building a circuit from this. It was looking through a different lens. Building a clinical pattern that could be effectively influenced and improved. It also gave direction buys confidence from the athlete or patient."

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£8 p/month (+VAT)
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