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We provide education, mentoring  & guidance for health professionals to grow in their career.

We help you spend your time doing what you truly love; positively impacting the lives of your patients, regardless of whether you are fresh out of university or have been in the field for 20 + years.



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HDPN Memberships


Deeper Diagnosis 

We know how frustrating it can be when you don't know what to do with a patient  or,  perhaps you know what to do and you are not getting the desired response. If you feel helpless when you are not having an impact on the problem, we will provide you with the tools needed to solve any issue.

We do this by having a team of experts with over 300 years of combined experience . 


Curated Content 

Do you feel overwhelmed with the sheer volume of research and information? Do you find it difficult to know who to listen to or what information to believe from all the different voices and opinions out there? 

You could spend weeks trying to keep up to date with the 1.8 million articles each year in 28,000 journals alone...

Social media alerts typically provide you with low quality information.

We can sieve through the noise and discern the relevant information so you don't have to spend hundreds not knowing if the information is worth it. We have educated c. 28000 practitioners over 22 years by taking this information and making it clinically applicable to YOU.


Ongoing Expert Support

Are you not sure where your career is going or the right path way to take? 

We can provide the professional direction and personal inspiration at the right level for you, through bespoke education and mentoring.

Our leading experts and mentoring team have over 100 years of combined experience leading and developing people at the highest level (Olympic games, Professional sport, NHS)



With University access and hundreds of thousands of hours dedicated to doing the research for you; we have multiple pathways that can provide you with the knowledge you need to save you time and money to spend doing all the things you love.


It doesn't matter where you are in your career, whether just starting out or a seasoned expert, join us and discover a new education resource and network that has helped countless clinicians to excel in their patient delivery and advance their careers, from early to well established practitioners. We can support you on a journey to discover all the secrets and tips needed to help you and your patients improve because we've been there.


Why us? 

Because all content needs context.

Without which it is just information.

The founding Tutors at HDPN have helped hundreds of practitioners through seminars, courses, and one-on-one mentorship.

Developed as an evolution to Health Education Seminars, (responsible for educating over 28,000 practitioners in the past 22 years), HDPN is an amalgamation of the knowledge gained from HES with up to date methodologies of delivery for the modern day practitioner.

We provide high level mentorship for practitioners of all levels, a wrap around system of learning with multiple entry points and information that is easily digestible for you to learn at your own pace no matter where you are on your journey.

The HPDN team has: 

  •  A natural blend of the “old guard”  who will bring wisdom and experience coupled with some youth and energy that can bring challenges and a modern perspective on education in a practical format.
  • Spent years teaching and refining the key questions that patients and clinicians need to be solved.
  • Processed all the scientific information, research and articles out there so that you do not have to.
  • ProvideS this information in simple solutions as well as being able to dive into the complexity for those that want more detail.


Simply said, we have done the work for you.


A guiding philosophy of ours is, "If  you really want to understand the root cause and effect of any injury or problem; the solution is based on science, reliant upon an opinion to start, and needs artistic flare to resolve it."

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What makes HDPN special:

This is not a one size fits all approach...why would it be when we recognise we all learn and develop differently?

We are not another content provider, HDPN provides wrap around learning with entry at any point. The content always has context to make it relevant and applicable.

Our Approach has 4 Pathways each with three pillars

  • Attend the foundation for learning new skills
  • Mentoring  the place to grow yourself and your skills
  • Online a place to be inspired by new subjects and ways of thinking
  • Resources a place to reflect and consolidate (review) what you have learnt.

So stop wasting time scrolling through social media or looking for the right articles and realise the freedom of less stress, more time and happy patients.

Choose your journey


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Established but needing new direction?



At the top of your game but need a  'Phone a friend'?



Quick Heads Up...

You'll receive top-notch courses, education and support that will help you become a great clinician and an impressive leader.
We’re also crazy, off the wall, and talk a lot about surfing tigers who go off waterfalls into the unknown.
If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you should close this browser immediately and we hope you have a fantastic day.
If you’re looking for a clinical education platform that is fun and effective, you came to the right place.


Pour The Tea


"James is an incredibly rounded clinician, performance specialist and manager. He has always been a very supportive mentor to me and taught me more than anyone else in the world clinically and also around high performance.  Where James is unique is that he takes you directly out of your comfort zone and challenges you in areas you are weaker.  This is naturally not a comfortable process but allows you to reflect where you need to grow.  This not only applies to clinical and high performance scenarios but in your own professional journey where you are asking yourself what am I doing and why am I here? He has helped me grow personally and professionally and I am thankful to have him as a mentor and friend."


£8 +VAT p/month

All you need to get started

  • 5% discount on all courses, events & mentoring
  • 150 bite size videos*
  • Flexible rolling contract
  • Personal Library
  • Private Facebook group
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£12 +VAT p/month

Most Popular

  • 10% discount on all courses, events & mentoring
  • 400 bite size videos*
  • Flexible rolling contract
  • Personal Library
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Priority Booking
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£20 +VAT p/month

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  • 15% discount on all courses, events & mentoring.
  • 750 bite size videos*
  • Flexible rolling contract
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  • VIP early access to all our events
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*Bite size videos
Members are issued with regular bite size CONTENT after 3 months of membership, delivered directly to their personal library.


"I reached out to James over the lockdown period and he has been instrumental to my recent learning. Something I'd certainly advise to up and coming practitioners."


Our Tutors have worked across :

  • National Health Service (NHS)
  • 5 Olympic Games - Athens, Beijing, London, Rio and Tokyo.
  • Multiple Higher Education Programmes; UCL, QMUL, Salford, 
  • Professional Rugby- England RFU, Irish RFU, Saracens RFC.
  • Professional Football- Crystal Palace FC, Leicester City FC, West Bromwich Albion FC.
  • Olympic Network- British Athletics, British Triathlon, British Rowing, British Basketball, Shanghai Institute of Sport, English Institute of Sport, UK Sport, British Olympic Association.

The Magnificent 7

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HDPN gave me problem solving skills when the clinical picture remained unclear or when there were multiple issues. For example using VAS and Ease of movement and building a plan from a series of tests - weight bearing, non weigh bearing, isometric, mobility, stretch, perturbations etc. Finding what works best and in what order. Building a circuit from this. It was looking through a different lens. Building a clinical pattern that could be effectively influenced and improved. It also gave direction buys confidence from the athlete or patient. 

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