The Shoulder: Steps to Success

Jo Gibson MCSP MSc (Adv. Practice)

November 23rd & 24th 2023 - 

Arena Fysio, Helsingborg, Sweden

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The Shoulder- steps to success

This 2 day course will present a simple evidence-based approach to the management of shoulder pathology, which is immediately applicable in your clinical practice. It will consider current developments in the literature and how they inform the key factors contributing to successful outcomes. The specific rehabilitation approaches for: dynamic shoulder stability, kinetic chain control, shoulder stiffness, shoulder tendinopathy etc will be discussed and covered in the practical sessions. This is highly practical course, which will change your clinical practice.










  • To present the current literature regarding dynamic stability of the shoulder complex and explore the application to clinical assessment and treatment.
  • To present the current literature regarding the pathophysiology of common shoulder conditions and describe the impact on the dynamic stabilisers.
  • To demonstrate key assessment tools to explore function of the dynamic stabilisers of the shoulder as a basis for treatment planning.
  • To demonstrate key treatment approaches based on the current evidence to address movement dysfunction in the shoulder complex.


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand current concepts of dynamic stability of the shoulder joint.
  • Understand current theories relating to the pathophysiology of common shoulder conditions and their impact on dynamic stability of the shoulder joint.
  • Develop an awareness of current research regarding evidence based treatment of shoulder pathology.
  • Understand key assessment and treatment tools for the successful treatment of the shoulder joint.
  • Have the ability to clinically reason key treatment approaches in the management of common shoulder conditions based on movement dysfunction.

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Day one

08.45 Registration

09.00 Setting the scene – the current state of play Theory

09.30 The Rotator Cuff & the Scapula: Partners in Crime? Theory & practical Research versus reality & assessment dilemmas: Keeping it simple!

10.30 Coffee 

10.45 The Rotator Cuff & the Scapula: Partners in Crime? Essentials of treatment- where to start. Practical

12.30 Lunch

13.30 The Kinetic Chain and Dynamic Slings Theory and practical Putting the shoulder in context: It’s all about ‘normal movement’

15.00 Coffee

15.15 The Stiff Shoulder Theory and practical. Frozen, freezing or not? Differential diagnosis & Treatment options.

16.30 Finish

Day Two

09.00 What did we do yesterday? A quick recap Theory

09.15 The Irritable shoulder – where to start? Theory and practical. How does pathology help guide treatment.

10.30 Coffee

10.45 Rotator Cuff Pathology: Tips and tricks Theory and practical

Can we do better? Strength versus movement. Should exercises hurt? Increasing capacity. The whole package!

12.30 Lunch

13.30 The ACJ: Stiffness & Instability Theory and practical A special case or applying the principles?

14.30 Coffee

14.45 Getting it right from the start: Steps to Success

The power of language & communication. Enhancing exercise adherence. Real - life Case studies and putting it into practice.

16.00 Finish




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